DSC05110-14Tal Arditi is a Berlin-based and Israeli native guitarist, composer, singer & songwriter. 

Recognised as a young guitar prodigy at the early age of 16, he trained at the prestigious “Jazz Institute” program at Rimon Music University in Tel Aviv, graduating two years later, and shortly after making his move to Berlin, Germany. 

Now aged 23, Tal has already established himself as an acclaimed guitarist, composer & musical heavyweight within both the local Berlin music scene, as well as internationally. With 2 successful albums under his belt with his Jazz trio, Portrait (2018) and Colors (2020), accompanied by 5 years of concerts & tours all over Europe, Tal was named “one of the most important discoveries of the year” by Long Play Magazine (2019) through his wide-ranging playing style and powerful compositions.

As a founding member of genre-bending psych-folk band TOLYQYN, as well as experimental jazz duo Loxodon_Prism, his unmistakable guitar style & sound is deeply infused within his many group projects & other collaborations.

Tal Arditi’s new EP ‘Cross Country’ explores a wide range of sounds and emotions, offering up mesmerising harmonies, soulful lyrics & a velvety voice woven into dreamy guitar parts. A playful overlay of electronic elements & lively beats throughout the work takes the listener on an enchanting sonic journey. Hailing from a diverse spectrum of musical influences & experiences, ‘Cross Country’ presents the listener with a colourful blend of styles ranging from Brazilian music to psychedelic pop, via electronic music and jazz. 

‘Cross Country’ will be released in September 2022, with another EP to follow after.