Tal Arditi (born in 1998) Guitarist and composer from Israel.
Photo by: Anton Tal
Recognised as a young guitar prodigy , Tal started to study in the prestige ”Jazz institute” program, by ”Rimon Music University” when he was only 16.
in the age of 18, he graduated from ”Rimon” successfully with a Jazz Diploma, and decided to move to Berlin.
In Berlin he quickly became one of the most wanted players in the local and international Jazz scene, and started to play regularly in clubs and festivals all over Europe.
In 2017 he was a finalist in ”Conad Jazz Competition” and preformed in ”Umbria Jazz Festival” With his one trio.
in February 2018, Tal recorded his debut album ”Portrait”, live at ”A-Trane” jazz club, together with Andreas Lang on Bass and Tobias Backhaus on Drums.
The idea behind the name ”Portrait” is, That the concert in ”A-Trane” was a portrait of Tal’s life until that point. 8 original music pieces that resembles his year and a half alone in Berlin, and all of his experiences up to that point. You can listen to ”Portrait” HERE
the album will be out in the end of 2018 in ”Ancor Lable” on a CD and a limited edition of Vinyl records.
In June 2018 , Tal has been chosen to participate in the prestige jazz programme ”Betty Carter Jazz Ahead” in Washington DC.
Despite his young age, Tal has preformed in many international Jazz festivals including  “Umbria Jazz Festival”, “Xjazz Festival” , “Red Sea Jazz Festival” and more.
Tal’s playing described as a unique and intimate, with a wide range of technical and harmonic knowledge.

  You can also hear Tal in his other projects – TOLYQYN , BERLIN ORIENTAL GROUP