//  Origin: Berlin, Germany
//  Genres:  Rock/Brazilian/Jazz
//  Years Active:  2016-present
//  Label:  Berthold Recordes
//  Web:  https://www.facebook.com/talRDTmusic/

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Tal Arditi is an Israeli guitar player, living currently between Basel and Berlin.
Recognised as a young guitar prodigy , Tal started to study in the prestige ”Jazz institute” program, by ”Rimon Music University” when he was only 16. In the age of 18, he graduated from ”Rimon” successfully with a Jazz Diploma, and decided to move to Berlin.
Once in Berlin Arditi’s virtuoso talent as a guitarist was soon recognised. He quickly became one of the most wanted players in the local and international music scene. Shortly after moving to berlin, He was invited to play at the A-Trane jazz club, where he recorded his début album Portrait. 
In his second album ”Colors”,  Arditi astonishes with his wide-ranging playing style and powerful compositions. The trio, a close musical and personal partnership, has produced a rich, original sound that blends jazz, rock, classical and Brazilian accents.
Arditi regularly performs at leading jazz clubs as well as the Umbria Jazz Festival, Xjazz Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Fusion Festival and Open Air Keintal. In 2018 he was chosen to participate in the “Betty Carter Jazz Ahead” in Washington DC.
“Over eight tracks Arditi demonstrates he’s certainly an important new voice in European guitar jazz” London Jazz News
“in the wide-ranging improvisations the wonder-kid opens up its entire poetry-free and pastel-free spectrum: it shows what you have on it. this is an eloquent debut, an attack of eight pipes.” Jazz Podium
” ‘Portrait’ Leaves the listener with the feeling of listening to a future star in guitar heavens” From a 2 page article on LP Magazine, Nr 1\19
”Tal Arditi is considered one of the most important discoveries of the year” Long Play Online Magazine
“He sounds great- and I wish him all the best with his first recording’’ Pat Metheny