Arditi is a true jazz guitarist prodigy… ‘Portrait’ is a powerful debut album that aroused enthusiasm even in Pat Metheny”Music Reviews Online Magazine, Full Review Here (German)

”Arditi is obviously a brilliant guitarist, playing neck-breaking arpeggios with the speed of light…The obvious virtuosity is dazzling, but not flashy, which is extremely rare among guitar players” Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of my life, full Review Here

” ‘Portrait’ Leaves the listener with the feeling of listening to a future star in guitar heavens” From 2 page article on LP Magazine Nr 1/19, purchase the magazine Here

“in the wide-ranging improvisations the wonder-kid opens up its entire poetry-free and pastel-free spectrum: it shows what you have on it. this is an eloquent debut, an attack of eight pipes.” Jazz Podium, purchase the magazine Here

”Arditi shows the power and dynamism in him, he knows how to guide his trio with emotion and technique” From 3 Page Article In HIFI magazine, Full Review HERE

“Over eight tracks Arditi demonstrates he’s certainly an important new voice in European guitar jazz” London Jazz News, Full Review Here

”There’s a dreamy melodicism that boosts the enjoyment potential on this straight-ahead session…The result is a shimmering effect, a subtle motion that makes a bright tone shine with a softer, but more brilliant tone”Bird Is The Worm, Full Review Here

”Tal Arditi will comfort you and challenge you. His use of traditional jazz forms, his inherent groove, and clean guitar playing will keep you nodding along. But his alternate time signatures, extended forms, and tonal choices will keep your brain on the edge of it’s seat” Guitar Journal, Full Review Here

”Tal Arditi is considered one of the most important discoveries of the year”LONG PLAY Online Magazine, Full Review Here(Polish)

”strong first release from Tal. He has a clear, yet full and strong sound on his instrument…One to watch!!!”Wulf’s Music Blog, Full Review Here

”What’s surprising is that this is the trio’s first album together and the songs are highly sophisticated, yet again, comfortable.”Debbie Burke, Jazz Author, Full Review & Interview Here 

”It is not surprising that Tal’s peppered modern jazz is with influences from rock and pop. After all, we live in 2018. But this prodigy is unmistakable
a real jazzer in terms of timing, harmonies, voicing , and phrasing” . Hans Invernizzi, jazzFlits magazine, full review Here (Page 8)


”TomaJazz” Radio Podcast, Spain. Listen Here minuet 1:21:47

”Song of the day” on ”Sounds and Books” Magazine. listen Here