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Tal Arditi’s new album Colors is released by BERTHOLD records in September 2020.

The line up: Tal Arditi on guitar, Lukas Traxel on bass and Tobias Backhaus on drums. In this his second album, Arditi astonishes with his wide-ranging playing style and powerful compositions. The trio, a close musical and personal partnership, has produced a rich, original sound that blends jazz, rock, classical and Brazilian accents.

“A lot can be expected from this young musician”
(JazzThing Magazin)
“Being just 22 years old, Arditi posesses an astonishing musical maturity. Furthermore, he surprises listeners as inventive composer with unique acoustic colours. Altogether an exciting and ambitious record by a young and aspiring guitarist.” (
Gitarre & Bass Magazin)
“On the guitar Tal Arditi takes up all the space he needs. He dashes forward out of quiet moments with effects and distortion but withdraws again as if nothing ever happened. This allows for an enormous dynamic range and complexity.”
(Deutschlandfunk Kultur)